Advertiser Responses To The Johnny’s Press Conference; MOS Burger New CM Proves Divisive

After last week’s press conference, the response from advertisers has been mixed.

Several companies, such as NissanSuntory, and Nippon Life Insurance Company had announced that they would reconsider renewing their marketing contracts with Johnny’s. However, all companies thus far that had stated they would hold off on a renewal have stated that this is pending a response from the agency about how victims will be treated and compensated for their suffering going forward. Asahi and Kirin also responded in kind.

Persol TempstaffKenei Pharmaceuticals and Kao announced last week to newspaper Sports Hochi that they would continue to use the talents in their commercials. Kenei further explained that an immediate termination of the contract felt impossible at the moment given the fact that there is a chance the current talents may also have been victims of abuse from Johnny Kitagawa as well.

However, the response to a new campaign for MOS Burger last week featuring two Snow Man talents may have contributed to Kao quickly changing their response.

When the new commercial featuring the two talents went on air, there was a flurry of debate, with some detractors saying they were disgusted with the company for continuing to work with a company that allowed such things to happen, and others asking what the abuse had to do with the current talents in question, as well as Snow Man fans being appreciative that this CM went on air.

Perhaps because it was so divisive, Asahi and Kirin quickly announced they would stop airing their existing commercials with Snow Man members in them. In addition, Kao announced this morning that they would immediately pull off all commercials with Johnny’s talents pending a response from the company.

Source: Sports Hochi, Shukan Josei PRIME, modelpress


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