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A Change Is Coming to NanteJapan

NanteJapan is nearing its first birthday, and it’s safe to say there were a lot of growing pains. The first year of any new venture will not be smooth sailing, and NanteJapan was not exempt from that.

Yes, a new site and interface took some getting used to after being accustomed to the doom scrolling of the previous site. And while more contemporary, the current layout is unpopular with the readers and the staff.

So, after much internal discussion, we have decided to redo the entire site layout. This facelift will take place from October 27 – 29. That means the site will be in maintenance mode that weekend. So please note it in your calendars so you don’t complain on Discord or via our social media that something is wrong with the site.

If everything goes well, everything will return online on the morning of October 30.

Much of what will be coming will address the majority of the complaints that we have compiled over the past ten months. The primary fixes are page load speed and navigation. But we’ll also add small quality-of-life things that are very difficult to implement in the layout we are currently using. We have a checklist to go through, so please don’t send us a wish list of stuff you think we should implement.

The second change is controversial, as some of us are against turning this back on, but we will go back to allowing anonymous comments.

I’m sure some of you are celebrating as you read that, but there’s a catch. To prevent the comment section from becoming the Wild West like it was in the past, there will be zero tolerance for any of the (for the lack of a nicer term) bullshit that went on in the past, and anything that is not from a registered user will be heavily scrutinized and moderated.

If you cannot have a civil conversation about a topic, it’s better to keep your thoughts to yourself or tone down your opinion to a level where you are positively contributing rather than starting a fire or attacking staff and other readers to get your point across.

We reserve the right to delete comments and/or ban users without warning and shut off comments completely if things get out of hand.

That is all we have scheduled for significant updates. Carry on with your lives.

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DJ, remixer, girl group stan and music writer. Former contributor to International Wota, Idolminded and Nihongogo. Owner and administrator of Selective Hearing. Currently, NanteJapan technical support and part-time contributor.


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