XG Channels Y2K Nostalgia In ‘LEFT RIGHT’ Music Video

7 member Hip-Hop/R&B girl group XG released their 3rd single “SHOOTING STAR” on January 25th. Consisting of all Japanese members, since their debut in March 2022 the group has been based in South Korea. Today a music video for the song “LEFT RIGHT” included in the 3rd single has been released.

The music video for LEFT RIGHT shows the members in outer space with a contrast between the minimal and stylish performance scenes. The costumes and sets can be said to reminisce those of the late 90s and early 00s. Some netizens commented that the music video feels like a homage to the Japanese divas of that time period such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, and Kumi Koda.

LEFT RIGHT is described as an English language song with repetitive synth loops, trap beats, intense bass, and finely cracked hi-hat sounds. Members Chisa and Juria’s vocal adlibs added with Cocona’s catchy rap parts helped turn LEFT RIGHT into an R&B tune of the finest quality.


Check out the music video for LEFT RIGHT below!



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