October 2, 2023

TWICE’s J-line Unit MISAMO Announces Release of their First Mini-Album


Earlier this year, TWICE‘s Japanese unit MISAMO (which stands for MinaSana and Momo) announced the release of their first group song titled Bouquet.

Today they announced that this was only the start of things to come with a dazzling trailer announcing the release of their first group mini-album!

The mini will be released July 26th, with six tracks including Bouquet. The DVD will include a behind the scenes footage of both Bouquet and the trailer, a trading card randomly selected from four kinds, a booklet as well as other special merchandise to be announced. The normal CD will include a photocard and serial number. The ONCE JAPAN limited edition will include a special LP and alternative jacket cover, lyric card with visuals, as well as a limited ONCE JAPAN exclusive photocard and two serial numbers. Solo covers with each member will contain exclusives for each member for those ONCE who are solo fans.

Watch the trailer below

Source: Modelpress

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