Travis Japan Releases MV for New Song “Sweetest Tune” and Announces First Campaign to Commemorate Release

STARTO boy group Travis Japan recently released their music video for their latest song “Sweetest Tune” on their YouTube channel and released the song onto various streaming services globally.

The song was written as an insert song for TV Asahi’s “Tokyo Tower”, a drama series in which member Matsuda Genta stars in. The song has a bubbly, bright, and dreamy melody and depicts feelings of attraction to people in everyday life, not just in love.

The music video was directed by YVNG WING, who has directed music videos for XG‘s “Winter Without You” and “New Dance”. He envisioned various everyday situations, visualizing every movement through music and expressing everyday moments more vividly through the members’ performances.

The music video, shot in a house studio with Travis Japan related Easter eggs scattered throughout the set, depicts the seven members cheerfully cleaning and goofing around before someone comes over. Watch it here!

The first part of the release commemorative campaign which started on the day of distribution has been announced. The campaign includes a limited edition original booklet, a free standby screen image, and the popular AWA LOUNGE listening party. Details will be announced on the official website and various SNS.


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