Snow Man Members Raul and Meguro Ren Sighted in Paris; Raul Makes His Debut on Fashion Week

All week since the launch of his Instagram Snow Man member Raul has kept fans – especially European ones – talking about his current trip to Paris. Today, we finally found out why the super popular Johnny’s member flew out to Europe.

First, during his guerrilla (unannounced stream) Instagram live today, Raul spoke about being a front row guest attendee at the Givenchy show for Paris Fashion Week 2023. He spoke about his nerves particularly when faced with the barrage of photographers at the event, and thanked his agency for letting him both go to the show and for allowing such an off the cuff stream.

Later, the idol made his Parisian debut at the Yohji Yamamoto 2023 show.

While people were at the show, some fans were quick to notice that even Meguro Ren was in attendance. Does this mean that we have more Johnny’s model debuts to look forward to later this week?


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