Sexy Zone’s Matsushima So Will Hold His First Solo Art Exhibition Titled Matsushima So Ko. Ten

On the 27th of September, Sexy Zone member Matsushima So will open his first solo art exhibit, to be held in Omotesando Hills.

The title of the exhibit, Ko., represents both individuality (the kanji 個) as well as his desire for people to be able to feel the exhibit through their hearts (the kanji 心). The installation is meant to be felt through all the senses, combining the use of everything Matsushima had at his disposal from the lighting to even the fragrances used within the showcase. The pieces shown are various mixed media works, with mannequins being the primary motif throughout all the pieces. Both black and white feature heavily throughout the exhibit, as it represents Matsushima‘s desire for visitors to stop separating the world into a binary between right and wrong, but rather approach the works flexibly, appreciating the beauty of both sides.

In addition to the physical exhibit, there will also be an online feature for the showcase with various videos explaining the production, thought and creation of the works. The website is set to launch in November.

There will also be self-produced goods available for purchase at the venue, with some of the goods also available through the online store. The goods include stationery, an aromatic diffuser, as well as photo cards.

Source: modelpress


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