Sexy Zone’s Marius Yo Announces Graduation and Retirement from Entertainment

In a shocking announcement posted to Johnny’s website today, Sexy Zone member Marius Yo announced that he would be graduating from the group and withdrawing from entertainment entirely after the much anticipated countdown live, Johnny’s Countdown, held on New Year’s Eve.

Marius had originally been on hiatus since December 2020 due to poor health, and had been working to make a return balancing both his career and his education in a way that would be fair to his fans. While he was away, he had also developed new things he wanted to do as a result of his education, and decided to take those dreams to the next level by withdrawing from entertainment and pursuing those avenues instead.

In addition to the announcement, a personal message from Marius was posted to the website which also included a letter from Marius to each member of Sexy Zone.

Source: Official Johnny’s Website


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