Sandaime J Soul Brothers Release Visuals & Tracklist for New Single

Sandaime J Soul Brothers has unveiled the visual for song “Kono Uchu no Katakami de” which will be included in their new single “STARS” that is scheduled for release on February 1, 2023. Another teaser will be released on January 3rd through their official SNS accounts, and then on January 5th both the song and music video will be released. In addition, the visuals of another coupling song on the single “VII CROWNS” have also been unveiled.

And all the contents of the new single “STARS” have also been revealed. “STARS”, which shows the classic EDM sound that can be said to be the group’s signature sound. “Kono Uchu no Katakami de”, was written with the fans in mind and depicts the group desperately waiting for the day to reunite with them again at live concerts. With coupling songs  “REPLAY” and “VII Crowns” the total will be 4 songs.

The video disc included in the single will have the music videos for STARS and Kono Uchu no Katakami de, as well as behind the scenes of the music videos.

Contents of new single “STAR”
M2. Kono Uchu no Katakami
M5. STARS (Instrumental)
M6. Kono Uchu no Katakami (Instrumental)
M7. REPLAY (Instrumental)
M8. VII CROWNS (Instrumental)
[DVD] M1. STARS(Music Video)
M2. Kono Uchu no Katakami(Music Video)
M3. STARS(Behind the scenes)
M4. Kono Uchu no Katakami(Behind the scenes)


Check out the concept photos below!


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