Nippon TV and Netflix Team Up for New Comedy Series “Ariyoshi Assists”

Netflix and Nippon TV have announced they have teamed up with Kazuaki Hashimoto and Toshiyuki Yokozawa (creators of the variety shows Ariyoshi no Kabe and Ariyoshi Zemi) to create a new comedy series “Ariyoshi Assists” starring Hiroyuki Ariyoshi that will be exclusively distributed worldwide on March 14. The show will be the first time that Nippon TV has produced a Netflix work and will be released in over 190 countries.

The show will consist of 10 episodes that will run between 30 and 60 minutes. The premise will follow Ariyoshi playing the role of an assistant to 10 guest hosts that will range from artists to professional athletes. With a total of 52 entertainers, from veterans to rookies, each episode aims to be unique and unpredictable with a diverse cast. GENERATIONS, Sashihara Rino, =LOVE, Fuwa-chan, and more will appear as guest MCs.

When asked about how the planning of the show, creator Kazuaki Hashimoto said, “Thanks to Netflix’s decision of ordering a show with different contents and tricks every episode, I think that the performers and staff were able to use all their strength to surpass the current history of Japanese TV variety shows and create laughter that has never been seen before. I will be delighted if it leads to more enthusiasm for Japanese variety shows and becomes a new trend in streaming.”

The main visual and trailer for Ariyoshi Assists have also been released.



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