New Poster and Trailer for Upcoming Film “Side by Side” Starring Kentaro Sakaguchi, Satoru Iguchi of King Gnu and Asuka Saito Now Available


New casting information for upcoming film “Side By Side” include the addition of King Gnu’s Satoru Iguchi. The film is scheduled to be released in theaters in Japan on April 14th. A new poster and trailer have also been released along with the news of the casting.

“Side by Side” starring Kentaro Sakaguchi was directed and written by Chihiro Ito, and produced by Isao Yukisada. This is not the first time the two have worked together on a movie. Numerous of their collaborations include Crying Out Love in the Center of the World (2004) and The Round Table (2014). In Side by Side,  Sakaguchi plays Miyama, a young man who possesses a mysterious power that allows him to heal those who suffer from their own traumas and anxieties. It is a story of magic realism that mixes reality with fantasy. Other cast members that have already been revealed include Asuka Saito, in her first movie appearance since graduating from Nogizaka46, who takes the role of the former lover, Riko. Mikako Ichikawa will play Shiori, a nurse who is the current girlfriend of Miyama, and Koudai Asaka will play Miyama’s high school classmate, Kusashika.

Along with Iguchi, newly revealed cast members include Narumi Kayashima, Mansaku Fuwa, and Kanji Tsuda.

It was also announced that Kai Kubota was in charge of creating the theme song for Side By SIde and wrote a song called “Tonari”.


Check out the new poster and trailer below!


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