Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Announces 5th Album And Lyric Videos

Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club has announced that they will be releasing their 5th album, Fly with You!! This album’s concept is ‘love songs’, with each particular member showing off their unique selling points as individual idols in the album. The album will include 12 solo song, with 13 tracks in total.

To commemorate this release, each solo song (12 in total) will get a special lyric video, with a video being released every week from October 4th to December 20th, which is when their 6th live will be performed. The album will tie into the game, Love Live! School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!, with the tracks playing a special role in the upcoming in-game event Love Song Carnival, scheduled to start October 3rd. Each member will appear in the event as a limited UR character. In addition, there will be a featured piece in the magazine LoveLive!Days for the November edition.

The following is the schedule for the release of the lyric videos as well as in depth details on the people behind the music.

  • October 4th: Walking Dream
    • Sung by Uehara Ayumu (Onishi Aguri)
    • Lyric video by Mouishida
    • Lyrics by miyakei
    • Written by DAICHIKeisuke Koyama
    • Arranged by  Keisuke Koyama
  • October 11th: Senobishitatte
    • Sung by Nakasu Kasumi (Sagara Mayu)
    • Lyric video by Syamo.G-しゃもじ-
    • Lyrics by Akira Sunset
    • Composition by Akira SunsetSaito Kanata
    • Arrangement by Endo Naoki
  • October 18th: Koakuma LOVE♡
    • Sung by Osaka Shizuku (Maeda Kaori)
    • Lyric video by Makino Sena
    • Lyrics, composition and arrangement by Nakamura Ayumu and Kikuchi Hiroto
  • October 25th: My Shadow
    • Sung by Asaka Karin (Kubota Miyu)
    • Lyric video by Oreo
    • Lyrics by Carlos K.
    • Composed and arranged by Yusei Koga and Carlos K.
  • November 1st: Request for U
    • Sung by Miyashita Ai (Murakami Natsumi)
    • Lyric video by Aise Manami
    • Lyrics, composition and arrangement by Nakamura Ayumu and Kikuchi Hiroto
  • November 8th: Cooking with Love
    • Sung by Konoe Kanata (Kito Akari)
    • Lyric video by Palf / Ojima Kaito
    • Lyrics by miyakei
    • Composed and arranged by
  • November 15th: Cherry Bomb
    • Sung by Setsuna Yuki (Hayashi Coco)
    • Lyric video by Shishamo
    • Lyrics by Suzuki Ereka
    • Composed by Suzuki Ereka and oni
    • Arranged by oni
  • November 22nd: Koisuru Sunflower
    • Sung by Emma Verde (Sashide Maria)
    • Lyric video by Kon’iro
    • Lyrics, composition and arrangement by Iwano KohKato YukiYokota Koki
  • November 29th: Watashi wa Magnet
    • Sung by Tennoji Rina (Tanaka Chiemi)
    • Lyric video by Roly
    • Lyrics by Suzuki Ereka
    • Composed and arranged by Luis Ogata
  • December 6th: Koufukuron
    • Sung by Mifune Shioriko (Koizumi Moeka)
    • Lyric video by SHIG
    • Lyrics by Ryota Saito
    • Composed by Ryota Saito,Yoshimura Takayuki
    • Arranged by Yoshimura Takayuki
  • December 13th: Lemonade
    • Sung by Mia Taylor (Uchida Shu)
    • Lyric video by Mizuki
    • Lyrics by Konnie Aoki
    • Composed by Carlos K.
    • Arranged by Gustav Mared
  • December 20th: 5201314
    • Sung by Zhong Lanzhu (Homoto Akina)
    • Lyric video by Kuroremon
    • Lyrics, composition and arrangement by Chibanyan

The order goes in the exact line up of the album. The 13th song on the album is Fly with You!!, to be performed by everyone in the group (lyrics by Ayaka Miyake, arrangement and composition by oni and PASSiON KiNG).

The first press bonus will include a special acrylic photo frame, an application code for the Aichi leg of their 6th live, a special serial code for the game and a random member card.

Pre-order your copy now!


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