LDH JAPAN and HYBE LABELS JAPAN Co-Produced Group MOONCHILD To Release Debut EP “Delicious Poison”

Five-member girl group MOONCHILD will be releasing their debut EP “DELICIOUS POISON” on May 3. The group is the first joint collaboration by LDH Japan and Hybe Labels Japan.

MOONCHILD were formed through the audition program ICON Z ~Dreams For Children~ that was broadcasted in 2021. Aiming to be a group that represents generation Z, the members range from age 16 to 19. On February 26, a teaser video “Birthday Teaser”, was released on YouTube and has gone on to surpass 1 million views. A pre-release digital single of newly recorded versions of the songs Chili Chocolate, One Bite, and Lonely was also released to streaming platforms on March 6.

“DELICIOUS POISON” will come in a limited edition and a regular edition. A promotion schedule for the content leading up to the official release of the EP has also been revealed. Check out the covers below!


Original (Regular) Edition
Limited Edition

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