Johnny’s to Reveal Formal Changes October 2nd

Today, newly established president Higashiyama Noriyuki published a new letter on the Johnny’s official website to confirm what they were currently discussing internally within board meetings.

In a letter directed to the public, Higashiyama wrote

To the members of the public:

We at Johnny & Associates have been taking the time to listen and reflect on your various concerns and criticisms as we receive them and take all raised questions seriously.

Today, the Board of Directors met to discuss the various topics raised, including the full ownership of the company by former president Fujishima Julie Keiko, more specific measures on how to compensate damages for victims, the name of the company, the future of all of our talents currently under our management and the direction of the company going forward.

We are at the moment examining the specific legal and tax repercussions of each of our proposed actions. The full findings will be published at a press conference on October 2nd.

We sincerely apologize for both the inconvenience, anxiety and concern this has caused for the victims of our abuse, our business partners, and our fans. We ask and thank you so much for your patience.

Source: Official website


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