Japan Releases Their CM Rankings for 2022-2023

Japan released their top CM spokespeople among Japanese celebrities for 2022 to 2023! Please find the ranking below:

  1. Ashida Mana 575 times/8970 seconds
  2. Hashimoto Kanna 508 times/7860 seconds
  3. Degawa Tetsuro 464 times/6990 seconds
  4. Saito Takumi 463 times/7020 seconds
  5. [Tied] Hirose Suzu 343 times/7395 seconds
  6. [Tied] Koike Eiko 328 times/5430 seconds
  7. Ayase Haruka 319 times/5775 seconds
  8. Sato Takeru 313 times/4740 seconds
  9. Oguri Shun 295 times/4605 seconds
  10. Hamabe Minami 288 times/4320 seconds

Source: Oricon


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