Happiness to Disband in September

An announcement was made through the LDH website on June 5 that girl group Happiness will disband on September 26th. The statement reported, “At this time, we would like to inform you that Happiness will disband on September 26, 2023. In the midst of a global pandemic and other factors that prevented the group from doing what they wanted to do, each member began to think deeply about their future activities and their own lives. There were a lot of discussions, and while the members shared a strong feeling that they love Happiness and want to cherish the fans who supported them, there were times when they had conflicting opinions, but in the end all of the members came to the conclusion that the best option would be disbandment’.” The statement continued with, “We would like to express heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported Happiness up until this point, and to everyone who has warmly watched over and supported the group for the 12 and a half years since debut. There are plans to hold fan meetings in 4 cities in the second half of June to early August, and the last live on September 26. We hope that the five members of Happiness will be able to carry out their activities until the last days.”

Happiness have been active as a group since 2008, but officially debuted in February 2011 with the single “Kiss Me.” Former members Yurino and Anna Suda graduated from the group in December 2020. Kaede, Sayaka, Miyuu, and Ruri Kawamoto have been active as global group SG5 and will continue those activities, while Karen Fujii will continue to work as a solo artist. Other girl groups under LDH such as Dream disbanded in 2017, Flower in 2019, and the supergroup that united all girl groups under LDH “E-Girls” officially disbanded in 2020.


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