Fukuyama Moeka Announces Graduation From ≒JOY

It has been announced that Fukuyama Moeka will graduate from idol group ≒JOY on March 29 after the live broadcast on YouTube of “≒JOY 1st Anniversary YouTube Live!” Since December of last year, Moeka has been on hiatus from group activities due to wanting to focus on her studies. ≒JOY (Nearly Equal Joy) is the third sister group of =LOVE produced by Sashihara Rino and officially debuted last year with the digital single “≒JOY.”


 In her statement posted on the official ≒JOY website, she said “My beloved fans chose me among many idols, supported me, and gave me a lot of happiness. I am full of gratitude. To all the fans who have supported me until now, the members who have worked hard together, and the staff who have supported me, I feel sorry for graduating after such a short period since debuting, but I am forever grateful for this precious gift. Without forgetting the experience, I would like to move on to a life centered around my studies. Until now and from now on, I love ≒JOY. Together with the fans, I want to support my beloved members who will continue to work hard. So until I officially graduate I want to make a lot of memories with you all.




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