Former Momoiro Clover Z Manager Furuya Tomomi Passes Away at 40

Former Momoiro Clover Z manager Furuya Tomomi has passed away at 40, per Stardust. She was well known and beloved by fans of the group in addition to her own long career as a talent and TV personality.

Stardust had confirmed that she passed away on August 22nd of this year, with many Mononofu (the term for Momoiro Clover Z fans) reacting in shock. Current manager Kawakami Akira commented on his Instagram

As you might have heard, my beloved coworker, Furuya, passed away last month. To be quite frank, I am still trying to come to terms with this loss. It feels incredibly unreal to me, and it is hard for me to express how I am currently feeling.

We decided to tell people now, as we were concerned with speaking with her father first. Because she is an employee I don’t want to give out too many details, but the reason was due to a sudden illness from the beginning of August.

Kawakami also mentioned celebrating her birthday with just her father, the nurses and Furuya at the hospital, as well as the Momoiro Clover Z members getting to talk to her one last time, in addition to former members Ariyasu Momoka and Hayami Akari also able to make separate visits.

Source: Sponichi 1, Yahoo News


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