Filmarks Reveals Spring 2023 Drama Expectation Ranking

Filmarks, one of the largest movie, drama, and anime review services in Japan released the ranking for the Top 10 most highly anticipated dramas for the Spring 2023 season. The ranking is based on the number of users who added the series to their watchlist on the Filmark website as of March 22, 2023. In 1st place is Fuji TV’s “Kimichika Kazama: Kyojo 0 starring Takuya Kimura and will begin broadcasting on April 10 at 9pm. It is based on Hiroki Nagaoka’s novels “Kyojo 0: Keiji Shidokan Kazama Kimichika” & “Kyojo X: Keiji Shidokan Kazama Kimichika” that went on to sell over 1.3 million copies in total. The plot follows detective instructor Kimichika Kazama (Takuya Kimura) who gets assigned to the police academy. There he teams up with his rookie students through a system called “Kazama Dojo,” and they investigate murder cases together. It was revealed earlier that Yui Aragaki will be appearing in the drama, making it the first time she will co-star with Takuya Kimura. Other cast members include Eiji Akaso, Takumi Kitamura, Mai Shiraishi, and Shota Sometani. 


Spring 2023 Drama Expectation Ranking Top 10


  1. Kimichika Kazama: Kyojo 0
  2. Ranman 
  3. Nichiyou no Yoru Gurai wa..
  4. Pending Train: 8:23, Ashita Kimi to
  5. unknown
  6. Even if you don’t do it
  7. The Third Finger offered to a King
  8. Last Man: Zenmo No Sosakan
  9. Passion for Punchlines
  10. Solo Katsu Joshi no Susume Season 3


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