Bunshun Reports: Johnny’s Demands Bunshun Take Down Post On King & Prince

Apparently having enough of certain types of negative publicity, Johnny’s has filed a lawsuit against Bungeishunju, the holding company for both the Bungeishunju and Weekly Bunshun magazines, for part of its reporting on the current situation at the company.

In particular, the issue in question is the November 17th edition of Weekly Bunshun that featured a piece on Julie Kitagawa‘s alleged treatment of King & Prince. The article focused on how several former Johnny’s members felt mistreated by the company, including members of King & Prince as well as Takizawa Hideaki. What seems to have crossed the line was the reporting that Julie Kitagawa verbally abused the departing members and that any of the departing members were forced out of their positions, either as idols or as managers of the company.

Text of the compensation demands made by Johnny’s & Associates

Bungeishunju vehemently denies any claims of misreporting, and asks how this departure is as amicable as Johnny’s & Associates is suggesting it is. In addition, they pledge to continue reporting on Japanese entertainment and media undaunted by any such lawsuits.

Source: Bunshun


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