Bunshun Publishes Article About Utaite luz, With Royal Scandal, Pony Canyon Responding

Popular utaite luz was the latest online artist to be hit with a scandal as tabloid publication Shukan Bunshun released a shocking article alleging that his recent hiatus was less about his physical or mental health, but related to a drug charge.

According to industry insiders, the artist was actually caught with drugs on the 11th, leading to his managers being unable to contact him. This lead to them cancelling all activities that following week. While Pony Canyon, his label, had wanted to go forward with a public statement on the 22nd, both the artist and his lawyer were against it and even stated that doing so against his wishes would be a violation of privacy. According to the article, this was why the hiatus statement had no mention of the criminal charges against the artist.

Shortly after the article was released, associated three man act Royal Scandal (comprised of luzKanon 69 and RAHWIA) announced that they would be parting ways with their vocalist and continuing as a two-person group.

Kanon 69 went on to make a public statement, emphasizing that the crux of the issue was luz‘s insincere apologies and repeat offenses, which were not specified in the post. As such Royal Scandal has made the difficult decision to part ways with the artist.

In addition, Pony Canyon also released a statement through the artist’s website, saying that as of January 30th they have decided to part ways in light of his arrest and charges. All shipments of his goods would be ceased, and they would stop distributing his songs released under the label. Future events will be cancelled, with refunds and chargebacks announced at a later date.

Source: Bunshun Online, luz website


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