BE:FIRST Teases New Single “Smile Again” in Shiseido Anessa CM Starring Nana Komatsu

Boy Group BE:FIRST will release their 3rd single “Smile Again” on April 26. On April 11 it was revealed that the single would be used as the theme song for the new Shiseido Anessa commercial starring actress and singer Nana Komatsu. Described as a sentimental love song, “Smile Again” is said to embody ANESSA’s “Free to Shine” campaign as the ANESSA Global Campaign Song in nine countries. BE:FIRST also share the desire to expand globally so the decision was made to use their song. The group commented “This song expresses Anessa’s fresh and refreshing qualities that make you want to go out in the sun. Going global with Anessa is new to us. It’s a challenge, so I hope many people will listen to it, regardless of country.” “Smile Again” will be the first love song BE:First release as a leading single.

SKY-HI, Keita Tachibana of w-inds, and JUNE, a producer from South Korea were on the production team for the single, and all members of s**t kingz participated as choreographers. Along with “Smile Again” songs such as “Boom Boom Back” and “Great Mistakes” are included on the tracklist.

The CM will be aired nationwide from April 16th. Check it out below!



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