September 24, 2023

Ayase of YOASOBI and Ai Nina Confirm Dating Rumors


Ayase (28) of the duo YOASOBI updated his Twitter on March 23rd to confirm the rumors of his relationship with “Yoru ni Kakeru” MV animator Ai Nina (26) after Bunshun had released images of the two entering an apartment together. It had been reported that Ayase directly commissioned Ai Nina to animate the Yoru ni Kakeru music video and their professional relationship eventually developed into a romantic one and they began cohabitation about a year ago.

In her statement, Ayase said, “I’m writing this message to everyone who always supports me. As you can see, the two of us are in a relationship. It’s a good relationship that stimulates the way of thinking, values ​​​​in creating works, and respect in each other. It’s a private matter, so I’d appreciate it if you could watch over me warmly.”

In addition, Ai Nina also updated her Twitter account to confirm the news: “There was an article about my private life, and as stated in the contents it’s true that I am in a relationship. I am still inexperienced as a creator, but I will continue to work hard so I would appreciate it if you could support me!!” 

Ayase and Ai Nina entering an apartment on Feb. 14, 2023


As for YOASOBI’s agency, their response was, “We don’t interfere with the private life of our artists.”



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