Aina the End Injury Update: Reveals Photo With 30 Stitches

On March 23rd, it was announced that Aina the End of BiSH suffered a head injury during a filming. Due to the injury, it was also revealed that BiSH’s upcoming schedules would be canceled or postponed until further notice. Today on March 30th, Aina updated her official Twitter account with a handwritten letter and a photo of herself with visible scars. In the letter she revealed that her forehead was injured during the solo shoot and had to get around 10 stitches on the inside and 20 stitches on the outside. In the end a total of 30 needles were applied. Regarding the announcement of the postponement or cancellation of the live performances that BiSH were scheduled to appear in she wrote, “I apologize for not being able to attend the lives. It’s very frustrating that I got injured during this period and I got quite a visible scar on my face, but I gave it a name and learned to love it. From now on, please love me and my wounds.”  source

Warning: Image of stitches ahead


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