48Group Finally Goes Political: Former HKT48 Member Applies for Seijika Joshi 48

Yamamoto Mao, formerly of HKT48, announced Tuesday that she would be applying for the newly formed group, Seijika Joshi 48 Tou.

Translated roughly as “Political Women’s 48 Party”, it aims to reinvigorate politics in Japan by using idols to raise interest in local elections across Japan.

This color doesn’t look familiar at all /s

Its formation and very blatant reference to AKB48 elections makes me think of how some in Japan would use the AKB48 elections (once widely popular events that would reach 30% viewership during a major timeslot in Japan) as foils for how corrupt and uninteresting the actual Japanese elections would be.

We wish the newly formed political party and Yamamoto the best of luck!


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