32nd Japanese Movie Critics Award: See Complete List of Winners

The winners of the 32nd Japanese Movie Critics Awards have been announced. The Japanese Movie Critics Award was established in 1991 by film critics Haruo Mizuno, Nagaharu Yodogawa, and Kazuko Komori. Just like the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, the selection committee consists of film critics and judges. 


After Mizuno’s death in 2008, the “Golden Glory Award”, which honors those who have made great achievements in the world of cinema, has been given the subname of the “Haruo Mizuno Award”, and the “Diamond Award” has been given the name of the “Nagaharu Yodogawa Award”.


The award ceremony will be held on May 16th at the Tokyo International Forum. Check out the list of winners below. 


Best Picture

Metamorphose no Engawa


Animation of the Year

The Tunnel to Summer


Best Director

Sho Miyake, Small, Slow But Steady


Best Director (Animation)

Masaaki Yuasa, Inu-Oh


Best Actor

Kiichi Nakai, Dreaming of the Meridian Arc


Best Actress

Yuka Itaya, Yoake made bus tei de 


Best Supporting Actor

Masataka Kubota, Aru Otoko


Best Supporting Actress 

Sakura Ando, Aru Otoko


Best Screenplay

Keisuke Yoshida, Kami wa Mikaeri wo Motomeru


Best Documentary

Yumemiru Sho Gakko (Directed by Vin Oota)


Best Editing

Yuzuru Kobayashi, Ryo Takebayashi, MONDAYS 


Best Newcomer (Director)

Ryo Takebayashi, MONDAYS 


Best Newcomer (Actor)

Ryota Bando, The World for the two of us


Best Newcomer (Actress) 

Aoi Ito, Missing 


Our Tokiwa-so Award

Tezuka Osamu Cultural Foundation


Honorary Award (Takeshi Matsunaga Award)

Tatekawa Shinosuke, Dreaming of the Meridian Arc


Honorary Lead Actor Award

Junichi Okada, Hell Dogs


Golden Glory Award (Haruo Mizuno Award) 

Jun Fubuki, Let Me Hear It Barefoot


Diamond Award (Nagaharu Yodogawa Award) 

Nobuko Miyamoto, Metamorphose no Engawa




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